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The eco-label FUB comes from Denmark, or more precisely from the small town of Hinnerup near Aarhus, and manufactures classic baby and children's fashion for the ages from 0 to 12. The unobtrusive designs by Anne-Sofie Olrik are created there. She successfully keeps the balance between a touch of retro and timeless cuts and patterns. In its classic style, FUB deliberately opposes fast-changing trends. Fashion is thought of here as long-term and sustainable. And preferably from the children's point of view. First and foremost, children's clothing must be comfortable and robust. High-quality, environmentally friendly materials are selected to ensure that FUB children's clothing is not just beautiful and comfortable. The cotton comes from controlled organic cultivation and is certified according to the Organic Exchange Standard. In cotton cultivation, no chemical additives such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or aggressive defoliants are used. This is not only positive for the environment, but also for the wearers of the clothing. Especially sensitive children's skin should be exposed to as few harmful substances as possible. Parents also enjoy FUB garments because they can be mixed and combined in a variety of ways. Thus, there are no limits to creativity.