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Ketiketa (Girl and Boy in Nepali) is a French label that produces clothing, bed linen and decorative accessories for children from newborns up to 10 years of age. The label was founded in spring 2007. Ketiketa's aim was to work with a traditional Nepalese fabric called "dumbar kumari", after a Nepalese princess who brought the technique of "block printing" from India to Nepal in the 19th century. The princess then invented a new textile; the printed fabric is wrapped in two layers of the finest cotton muslin. Originally used for the manufacture of scarves, this fabric was soon adapted for children's clothing. Ketiketa works with natural fabrics and materials in small-scale production, promoting traditional techniques with carvers, independent printers and small sewing workshops as well as socially motivated industries. In this way they ensure their high quality standards together with ethical production principles. Ketiketa's Bohemian Chic style consists of exotic prints, delicate colour nuances, natural fine fabrics and designs inspired by a blend of different cultures. Ketiketa designs its collections as an instant journey. Never before have you taken clothes with you so quickly.


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