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The imagination of children is boundless - and unfolds best in an environment that leaves room for it. That's why Kutikai's children's furniture is simple and made of natural colours and materials, while at the same time offering children numerous play options. A bed with a roof turns into a ship, a table into a house, and fingerholes in cupboard doors become peepholes from a hiding place. Our favourite is the shell-shaped ceiling, which functions as a wonderful cuddle cave. The two architects and designers of Kutikai Maria Borgosz-Smaga and Dorota Lucca-Leniar have a total of five children. So they have enough experience to know what makes children happy and their parents as well. Durable furniture that is simply beautiful and timeless - especially the shelves and cupboards can also be used beyond childhood. Last but not least, all Kutikai furniture is lovingly handcrafted in traditional workshops and all Kutikai employees follow high ecological and social standards. For the production of all furnishings, only woods from local production are used in combination with non-toxic, pollutant- and solvent-free paints and waxes. Good for your conscience in every respect! It is not for nothing that the brand has already been nominated for several design awards and is attracting more and more international attention.


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