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Founded in 2010 by Maud Falcon de Longevialle, LEOCA "maison de couture" created premium collections for children and sold its exclusive products internationally in Japan, Korea and the USA at high-end locations. In 2017, thanks to its success and the support of its customers, the brand, renamed "LEOCA, maison Parisienne", launched the women's collection and opened up the French market. The collections, dedicated to the free, active, contemporary and unique woman, created their originality in the creation of exclusive prints, the selection of unique materials, realized with the care of the creator Maud Falcon de Longevialle or in collaboration with the artists. The know-how is the central value of the brand, the fabrics are French and Italian, Japanese. The surfaces and details come from French workshops, the patronages are designed in France and assembled in Poland. Every detail is implemented in order to obtain an incredible quality. All our prints are hand-drawn by the designer herself.


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