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Maja Akraberg, the designer of Minimalisma, has launched her first collection in 2012. Growing up on a small volcanic archipelago in the North Atlantic, nature has played a major role in her life and is now a great source of inspiration in her current work. The three most used fabrics in the collection are silk, wool and cotton. Only 100% certified organic cotton is used in the organic collection for toddlers up to 6 years of age. The brand offers a timeless basic collection rich in beauty, function and sustainability, available in four subtle shades. Two beautiful jersey qualities allow you to choose between a waisted look in single jersey or a more flexible fit in a slightly thicker rib jersey. This range therefore not only satisfies the needs of a child, but is also intended for parents. The Signature silk collection made of silk and natural silk-cotton blend guarantees the baby luxurious comfort every day. Seamless means there are no annoying side seams. The highly stretchable tubular fabric gently caresses the baby, but is so stretchy that it doesn't feel tight anywhere. Minimalisma only uses merino wool over wool. The collection "Wool seamless" consists of knitted tube, so that all seven models are available without disturbing side seams. The feeling is soft wool and embrace the body without feeling tight. At the same time, the wool is very stretchy, making it perfect for active babies and children. Minimalisma is therefore a perfect combination of minimalist Scandinavian and finest qualities.


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