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Misha & Puff

Beauty in perfection through medical technologies. Misha and Puff was founded in 2011 by Anna Wallack after her young son spent his first winter in New England warm and comfortable, wrapping him head to toe in knitwear she had made. With over ten years experience as a stylist and a personal understanding of what's good for the little ones, she has created a collection that is particularly simple and uncomplicated to share her love for the carefully designed and handcrafted. Every Misha and Puff piece in Peru is lovingly knitted by talented knitters. The label works only with the best natural fibres like merino wool, baby alpaca and prima cotton. Made from the finest materials using sustainable and ethical processes with little impact, Misha and Puff employs craftsmen and craftsmen in a place rich in textile history. Keeping all production processes in one place strengthens the industry and reduces unnecessary resources needed for shipping around the world. The brand's belief is: "Produce beautiful, functional pieces that last forever. Every day we create the world in which our children should live. Everything counts. That's one way we contribute to this world."


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