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Perludi is an Austrian company based in Graz, Austria. The idea to found Perludi was born in 2007 in an idyllic inn in Styria. Architects, engineers, designers and economists gathered there - they all have one thing in common: they are all parents. From the symbiosis of the various skills, Perludi was finally created, with the goal to create sustainable and high-quality design products for children. The goal of Perludi's multifunctional furniture is to promote creative, childlike play and to animate the natural desire to discover. Colourful colours and unusual material combinations appeal to the children's senses and make them happy. The Graz children's furniture manufacturer Perludi creates "Great design for small people". The pedagogical value is always at the centre of the designs. Children's furniture with complex areas of application are the aim of the young team, because they hope to make their contribution to a world full of value, meaning and joy. For Perludi's managing director, Thomas Maitz, his children are the greatest source of inspiration. The designer designs the extraordinary design furniture according to their needs and learns new things again and again. Extensively tested by the little experts, only furniture that is perfectly adapted to the wishes and needs of children passes the test.


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