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Mario Prada founded the family business in Milan in 1913 and initially concentrated on the production and sale of luxury leather goods. 
However, very little happened until 1978, when the then 28-year-old granddaughter Miuccia took over the management of the business. In 1985, she designed a new line of black, unlabeled, durable, artfully crafted nylon handbags that immediately became a must-have for every fashion connoisseur. Even today, Prada bags are considered the favourite accessory of supermodels and fashion editors. With her unmistakable instinct to absorb the latest fashion trends, she quickly helped the hardly present brand to achieve cult status. She presented her first prêt-à-porter collection in Milan in 1985, had her first show in New York in 1994 and opened her boutique in London in the same year. She soon returned to Milan, where she now presents Prada and Miu Miu twice a year. Miuccia Prada, through her unconventional observation of society and her unconventional ideas, defines a product culture based on a creativity that is constantly evolving. A free, unrestricted process that highlights the DNA of each brand to ensure uniqueness and exclusivity. The constant search for excellence is carried out through a careful selection process of raw materials and suppliers of the highest quality, guaranteeing the highest technical reliability and compliance with the Prada Code of Ethics.


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