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In order to cope with the leather shortage in the Second World War, Walter Hoy began to produce his sandal with the remaining leather of a military boot factory. The news spread quickly and soon families from all over St. Louis asked if Walter could make sandals for their children. Seventy years later, the classic designs of Hoys shoes continue to offer long-lasting leather comfort with a fashion-conscious attitude. The original, which emerged from Walter Hoy's workshop in 1944, is characterised by a little stitched rubber sole and a braided upper leather. All Salt-Water sandals are equipped with stainless steel buckles, can be worn in water and washed by hand with a gentle detergent. They range from child sizes to adults. They are comfortable, super durable and simply beautiful. Saltwater originals are characterised by their robust, lightly sewn rubber sole. The leather of the sandals is covered with a water-repellent seal and forms on the feet of the user with repeated wear. The brass buckles allow the straps to adapt to narrow or wide feet. All sandals are available in a wide range of colours, including high quality finishes in glossy lacquer and metallic.


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