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The Animals Observatory

The Animals Observatory is the result of a love at first sight between two people, Laia Aguilar and Jan Andreu. In her time as creative director of Bobo Choses, he was an admirer of Laia Aguilar's work for a long time. Jan Andreu proposed to found a new fashion brand for children together. Throughout his career, he has repeatedly demonstrated his incredible talent for the business, but The Animals Observatory represents the realization of one of his dreams as an entrepreneur and especially as a parent. Laia Aguilar was the perfect partner to make this dream come true. She sees children's fashion as an artistic tool with which she can express her own extraordinary world. The Animals Observatory is based in Barcelona, but was founded with a global perspective. The main value of the brand is to think about the child, not as a son or daughter, but as an individual. The colour palette of the collections is a festival of tones in which colours and garments coexist and complement each other in every combination. The focus of the creations is always on the animals from the children's point of view. This brand is instinctive, modern, creative and timeless. It offers a new version of children's fashion and tells and fascinating stories.


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