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Oliver Furniture

Oliver Furniture designs and produces wooden furniture for modern families. Their furniture has its origins in the tradition of proud Scandinavian woodworking, is time-tested and contemporary at the same time - it is designed to be passed down from generation to generation.
 The basis of the brand is simple aesthetics, high quality craftsmanship and functional design - this combination results in the Nordic tradition. The Seaside Collection is inspired by the simple lifestyle of the beach house, while the Wood Collection is accentuated by the natural grain of the wood and its beauty as a material. Carpenter and designer Søren Rørbæk founded the Oliver Furniture brand in 2003 and moved the company's headquarters a little north of Copenhagen to the island of Zealand. The aesthetic of Oliver Furniture is simplicity. Clear lines and a clear ground. Round shapes and fine details. The product range is deliberately kept simple and of compatible functionality. With its traditional yet contemporary design, Oliver Furniture wants its furniture to keep alive the memory of a simpler time. The trademark is rooted in carefree summer days under wide blue skies, waves that blow to the coast, echoes in cool green forests and the comfort of spending time with family and friends.